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Welcome to Athaya Vintage Parts

My passion for timepieces started when I was a young boy. I still remember, when i was 9 year old, saving my money for many months to buy my first watch. After finally saving enough to buy it, I couldn’t get that watch off my wrist.

Many years later, in 2010, now I’m a man with a family, my passion for watches was rekindled after finding some interesting watch forum. On this forum, I followed fascinating discussions on all kinds of different watches, but I was especially fascinated by threads on how to build your own watch. This forum started to change my whole point of view on watches.

Everyday my passion grew stronger and before I knew it, I had collected many different watches especially in Vintage Watches, because my passion is here :).
As I got deeper into customizing, modding and building watches for myself, I started thinking to myself “Why don’t I start producing watch parts?” Not long after that, in 2011, I began producing and selling watch parts for vintage watches.

Things were going well with my watch parts business, but then a new idea started creeping into my mind to the point where I couldn’t ignore it any longer: “Why don’t I start my own watch brand?” I resolved to myself that before the end of 2014 I would release my own brand of watches. And, like that, “Athaya Vintage” was born. I chose that name for two reasons: Athaya is my username on watch forums, and, more importantly, Athaya is also my son’s name. You can find some of my own brand watch model here :, feel free to buy and review it :).

My biggest hope for Athaya Vintage is to enrich everybody’s passion for watches by creating timeless timepieces now, tomorrow and forever.

Adrian @Athaya Vintage

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